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D.I.S Experience

The D.I.S. Experience

Assemblies - School assemblies are an opportunity for students to gather to showcase diverse talents, celebrate individual and group accomplishments and hear news and updates from School Management and staff.

Through class presentations, students develop their public speaking skills and build confidence.

Assemblies are led by teachers and students.



Community Service – Students take part in community outreaches to shape their perspective of the world and to develop

greater empathy and respect for people from all walks of life. These activities also challenge students to think of practical

and sustainable solutions to create a more equitable world. Activities include visits to local orphanages, collecting goods

for food banks, street outreaches to hand out meals in under served communities, and other ongoing activities.

Socials – At D.I.S., we work hard, and play hard. Social events allow students to take a break from rigorous academic work so

they can have fun, create memories, and enjoy their childhood.

Popular events include:
- On-campus Sleepover / Outdoor camping
- Twin Day
- End of Year Party; Talent Shows

Field Trips –We organize a number of fieldtrips each year to extend concepts learned in the classroom and build

connections with the real world. Students get to see workplace implementations of their learnings while visiting

new places and meeting new people.

After School

After School

D.I.S. offers a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to cater to students’ interests
and talents. New programs are added over time, built on the passions of our students and teachers.
Current extra-curricular activities are Swim Club, Gymnastics Club, Chess Club, Robotics and
Coding Club, Cooking Club, Beadmaking Club, Art Club, Music Club, Afrobeats Dance Club,
Ballet Club and Taekwondo Club.

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