Our Mission:

Nurturing Curious Minds 

To help us remember why we embarked on this journey, we decided to keep our mission simple. Education can mean different things to different people. But it should not be complex. 

In its simplest form, learning happens when new information and experiences meet an actively curious mind. The good news is we are all born with this curious mind. Consider a toddler at play. This young child touches and interacts with everything around her as she discovers her five senses and the world around her for the first time. To her, everything is a mystery waiting to be discovered. Just like this child, our minds are wired to learn through discovery, and nothing should stifle that. Not even education.

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It is amazing what Dodi International School has done for our family. It is tempting to talk of the exceptional facilities, but what stands out for us is that this is a school that cares for the whole family; not just the students. Dodi involves us in every aspect of our child’s educational life, be it the engaging activities that our son brings home, or the well coordinated school events that we are invited to participate in. Our son has grown emotionally and intellectually, but more importantly, we have grown as a family thanks to Dodi International School.
— John & Fiona Kamau
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