15 Months - 3 Years.

In our toddler classrooms, you will find a variety of materials that give your newly independent child the chance to explore the environment with assistance from teachers.  At this stage, our focus is to continue the work of building self-awareness, confidence and self-esteem by giving your toddler the opportunity to dress, self-feed and develop social skills with a strong emphasis on practical life skills. The shorter one and a half hours work period for toddlers helps introduce them to the Montessori work cycle while developing increased concentration skills. Sensory, focus and motor skills are continually strengthened through beading exercises, lacing and age-appropriate puzzles.    

Our toddler classes are equipped with a growing collection of Montessori practical life activities such as food preparation (juicing oranges, slicing bananas, etc.), dressing frames, pouring and transfer exercises, cleaning and table-setting among others to help make your toddler the happy at-home helper they are so eager to be. 

A language-rich environment continues to be a priority, as well as exploration of arts and expressive media through storytelling, craft projects, music and dance. Language work also includes object and card matching activities to expand your child’s growing vocabulary. Our toddlers spend almost two hours a day outdoors on the playground, exploring their natural environment, gardening or enjoying fun water days in an inflatable pool. 

Together with parents, we also start working on potty training at this stage, to help ensure that your toddler is ready to transition to the preschool class when they turn 3. The toddler day begins at 9:00 am and ends at 3:30 pm. Parents receive a daily summary and pictures of their child through our online portal.