3 - 5 Years.

The preschool years are some of the most exciting times for both you and your child! We love to share the joy of this journey with you as your preschooler gains a greater sense of self, independence and understanding of the world around him or her. 

In our classrooms, we have created comfortable and beautifully prepared environments where students “work” through play and are eventually prepared to take on increasing responsibility in caring for themselves and their environment. Preschool and kindergarten classes are stocked with self-correcting Montessori materials that are organized into five learning areas – Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and Culture. Our teachers guide the children in the use of the materials, offering lessons as and when children are ready to explore a particular material. This way, children progressively build their skills and knowledge across each subject area at their own pace. 

A rich practical life environment is central to these classes as it provides a natural path for students to care for themselves and their environment while building their personal vocabulary. Children learn to take items off shelves in trays and put them back after they have finished working with them. This in turn builds the important skill of cleaning up after themselves. They also have access to several practical life activities including food prep, advanced pouring and water transfer activities, flower arranging, preparing snacks, setting a table, folding laundry etc. 

In addition to a two-hour uninterrupted work period three times a week, our preschoolers/kindergarten students also have Mandarin and French classes, music, art lessons, swimming and physical education lessons by professional instructors on select days each week. The curriculum exposes them to the various learning areas of the EYFS on alternate days, giving them the chance to practice language, reading and hand-writing when they are ready. The schedule also gives our preschoolers almost an hour outdoors in the morning and in the afternoon before pick-up. 

A focus on personal, social and self-care skills prepares preschoolers and kindergarten students to make the transition to primary school and teaches them how to work well in a group or team. We believe that every child develops at their own pace in various areas. Providing them with an environment that helps them succeed where they are at is the best way to encourage continuous growth and a love of learning. 

The preschool/kindergarten day begins at 8:00 am and ends at 3:30 pm. Similar to our infant and toddler programmes, parents receive daily updates and pictures of their child through our online portal.