Our story:

Curiosity is the foundation of learning

Dodi International School is a private school founded by the Dodi family and located in Community 6, Tema. Kofi and Juliana Dodi believe that a quality education has the power to transform lives; and that lives fueled by purposeful curiosity have the power to change the world. In early 2008, the couple broke ground on what would become Dodi International School. Being the serial entrepreneurs that they are, they were determined to establish the school with their own funds, so they diligently invested time and resources into the project over the years. In September 2017, what started as a labour of love became a reality when Dodi International School opened its doors to the first group of 25 students. Kofi and Juliana have three adult children who have been instrumental in launching the school and continue to be involved in varying capacities. 

At Dodi, we are fascinated with the power and potential of a harnessed mind and we invite our students to join us on a journey of discovering just how much they are capable of. We also believe curiosity is the foundation of a lifelong love of learning. This is why we are devoted to creating fun learning spaces, collaborative parent-teacher relationships and engaging class environments where questioning and critical thinking are not only welcome but celebrated. Explore our programmes and learn more about what we can offer your child. Then, schedule a tour. We are excited to meet you!



Our philosophy:

Curiosity is the spark of achievement

We cannot improve the world around us if we do not understand it. And we cannot understand it if we do not ask why. We believe curiosity is the spark of all great achievement. The world’s greatest inventions and novel ideas have come from ordinary people who dared to ask the simplest questions. There are countless ideas and inventions waiting to be discovered by a curious mind - a mind that will have the courage to grapple with questions, be they simple or complex.  

Our passion is to nurture the innate curiosity that every child is born with. By creating an atmosphere that encourages inquiry, our goal is to instill in our students a deep appreciation for the power and potential of their mind. 

We understand that each child who comes to us will walk a path that is uniquely his or her own. Our role is to guide and equip our students so that regardless of the path they choose, they will approach it with conviction, confidence and tenacity so that the world is left a better place because of them. 


Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton asked why.

- Bernard Baruch