Our Philosophy

We cannot improve the world around us if we do not understand it. And we cannot understand it if we do not ask why. We believe curiosity is the spark of all great achievement. The world’s greatest inventions and novel ideas have come from ordinary people who dared to ask the simplest questions. There are countless ideas and inventions waiting to be discovered by a curious mind - a mind that will have the courage to grapple with questions, be they simple or complex.  


Admission Process


Schedule a tour

We invite all interested parents to schedule a tour of our campus to see our facilities, interact with teachers and meet the school management. 



Complete forms

To express your interest, you will have to pay a non-refundable registration fee of GH 300 to receive our admissions forms. Details on our Admission and Tuition fees can be found here.



admission decision

Once all forms have been received and sufficiently completed, the school will inform you of our admissions decision.