It is amazing what Dodi International School has done for our family. It is tempting to talk of the exceptional facilities, but what stands out for us is that this is a school that cares for the whole family; not just the students. Dodi involves us in every aspect of our child's educational life, be it the engaging activities that our son brings home, or the well coordinated school events that we are invited to participate in. Our son has grown emotionally and intellectually, but more importantly, we have grown as a family thanks to Dodi International School.

- John & Fiona Kamau 


Dodi International was the best decision we made for our 1 year old and 2.5 year old that were visiting Ghana for the summer. We were looking for a school that paralleled my 1 year old’s daycare center back home (in the U.S.), and would also facilitate a smooth transition to Pre-K for my 2.5 year old when they returned.

We searched for a school in Ghana that focused heavily on the safety and security of the kids, and a school that offered a clean and intimate classroom setting that enabled individual attention to each child.

To our delight, Dodi offers all of the above and more!  The teachers are so professional and it’s clear they all genuinely love their jobs. My sons simply adore their teachers (which is always a relief for a parent), and we can already see how much our sons have grown in such a short time. The entire campus is unbelievably pristine, and the school boasts state of the art facilities, a beautiful art studio that we absolutely loved, and a daycare center for newborns/babies that is top of the line. The compound/play area is absolutely beautiful and unequivocally second to none!

For parents that are adamant about enrolling their kids at top-tier schools, Dodi is the place to go.

- Leslie & Jackie Enos 


Before my little girl was born, my husband told me about a new school being built by a friend. We decided to take the risk and start with them as I wanted the very best possible care for my little one knowing where she was coming from. When our little one started D.I.S, the difference was obvious, immediate and remarkable. She was gradually and gently introduced into the school with three other children and now she can’t wait to get to school to see her teachers and friends. Her transition from nappy to potty training was quickly gained and her sense of independency is amazing. 

I will forever be grateful to her teacher for such love and care. As parents, we have indeed benefited from D.I.S. since we can be at peace when she is at school because we know she will come home with joy and a lot of stories. My husband and I are really pleased to have found this school right from its inception and the experience with teachers and other parents is incredible. I highly recommend it. The family of D.I.S. are nice, caring and above all very respectful individuals. Her class teacher always encourages us to involve her in everything we do and read more to her since she is very determined, hardworking and ready to lead. She interacts respectfully and maturely with other children and ready to apologize when she’s wrong. D.I.S. accepts good feedback and criticism. I have not regretted sending my little girl and will send her baby brother too. DIS, A RISK WORTH TAKING!!!

- Philip & Linda Kutsienyo