Getting to know Dodi International School

Where is Dodi International School located?

• We’re located in Tema, Community 6 – a few meters away from the SOS Herman Gmeiner Collage, at the end of Republic Road.

What curriculum is used at Dodi International School?

  • EARLY YEARS CURRICULUM: - With our Early Years Program, we blend the best practices from the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum of England and the Montessori Method to create a student-centered learning environment. The goal here is to lay the best foundation possible for our little ones to thrive in our Primary programme.

  • PRIMARY CURRICULUM: - At DODI, our mission is to nurture curious minds. To ensure that we adhere to our core mandate, we customized a universal international curriculum based on theCambridge Primary Curriculum. This blended curriculum enables students to adapt easily to rigorous academic goals, gain confidence and self-understanding. Learners become collaborative problem-solvers with a keen sense of knowledge and compassion for the world around them. Our students take the assessments that are required by the above accreditation bodies as a means of evaluating their performance against those of students all over the world.

What languages are taught at Dodi International School?

  • At Dodi, we offer French and Mandarin from Preschool to Primary 6.

What facilities are available to students of Dodi International School?

  • At Dodi, in order to adhere to international standards and meet the requirements of the international accreditation bodies we hope to partner with, we have ensured that the school is a technology-enabled environment. It houses a full library, a computer lab and a science lab. We also have a swimming pool, as swimming is a co-curricular activity offered during the school day.

What is the class size?

  • The maximum number of babies in our infant room is 12 per class.

  • The other Early Years classrooms along with our Primary classrooms can hold a maximum of 20 students.

What schooling levels are run at Dodi International School?

  • Dodi runs a full Early Years programme as well as the Primary School. Therefore, we can enroll children aged 3 months to 10/11 years old.

What days and hours are you open?

  • Dodi is open Monday through Friday, 7am to 5:00 pm. Regular school hours – 8:00am – 3:30pm. Extended care hours – 4:00pm – 5:00pm. We ask that the children are dropped off no later than 8:00 am and picked up no later than 4:00pm /5:00pm. We are closed on public holidays, Easter and Christmas.

Can children attend part time?

  • Regular participation at Dodi International is beneficial to the students who attend. We have a standard based curriculum that more than prepares our students who attend regularly. Although we would like to enroll full time only we do take some part time students ONLY in our Early Years Programme. Part time enrollment is three full days a week. Days are chosen at the time of registration and cannot be substituted or changed.

What are your child to staff ratios and group sizes?

  • We enroll a maximum of 12 infants in our infant room – each room has 2 teachers and a shared Teacher’s Aide. Our other Early Years classes are on a 7:1 teacher ratio for the two to three year olds / 10:1 teacher ratio for our three to four year olds. Kindergarten to Year 6 are on a 20:1 teacher ratio with shared Teaching Assistants.

What qualifications do your teachers have?

  • All of our teachers are required to have a minimum of 15 hours of continuous training per year. Most of our teachers have either their associate’s degree or the National Nursery Teacher Training Certificate in our Early Years Program. Most of our primary School Teachers have their Bachelors Degrees in Education of higher. We have staff on hand that are CPR and First Aid certified.

Do you offer any special instruction or activities?

  • Everything we teach here at Dodi is special to us and to the families we serve. We not only teach the basics that each child needs to learn for school, but we also teach social skills. We offer swimming and music lessons as part of our weekly schedule. Each child should know how to swim before reaching Year 5. Each child learns to play the Recorder and the Piano. Other after-school activities such as ballet, Taekwondo are offered at an extra cost to parents by the specialists who run those programmes at the school. 

Does the school provide breakfast and lunch?

  • Yes. Breakfast and lunch are provided.

Do you have parent/teacher conferences?

  • We encourage our parents to be active and involved in their children’s education. We have scheduled parent teacher conferences at the middle and end of each term and upon request. 

How do parents participate in your program?

  • We provide many opportunities for our parents to become involved with Dodi International School. We have Career Days, Story Telling, Sports Day, Christmas Shows, Movie Nights, Book Fairs, etc.

Do the children ever go on field trips?

  • Yes, the children go on field trips

How do you handle discipline and guidance?

  • We encourage children to use their manners and be respectful of others. If necessary we use time-outs, redirection, and office visits. In extreme cases, we call home.

How much do you charge?

  • Please call or visit our Admin office for details on our tuition structure.

Does enrollment continue from year to year?

  • Yes, enrollment is done throughout the year – we cannot enroll if your required class is full.

  • Once registered children will remain registered until they graduate, are pulled out, or tuition is no longer being paid. We require a two-week notice before withdrawal. We do not hold spots for children who withdraw or any other lengthy occasion. We do not credit for holidays, sick days, or vacations.

How do you enroll new children?

  • We take applications throughout the year. The application/registration fee is GH₵300. We enroll on a first come first serve basis. If there is an opening at the time the registration packet is returned we will enroll immediately. If there is a waiting list we will place the student at the top of the list first and work our way through it.

What is your policy on sick children?

  • D.I.S. is a ‘healthy child’ school. Any child who may be contagious or is not well enough to participate will be sent home for the well being of themselves and the other students.

Does Dodi International School provide transportation?

  • Transportation is not provided by D.I.S., therefore, drop off/pick up travel must be provided by parents.

Does my child need to send any school supplies with him/her on the first day?

  • No. The term fee covers all supply costs throughout the term.

What items should my child have to bring to school?

  • We request each child bring a backpack daily to carry communication and work between school and home. Additionally, we ask each child to bring a change of clothes each day.